There are many ways to support the Friends of McCormick’s Creek!

  1. Volunteer your time – our volunteers have fun and make a big difference! 
  3. Become a member – JOIN NOW!
HWY clean up volunteers

Volunteering is an important part of what we do!

Join the Friends group for emails about Friends only volunteer opportunities, and/or watch our Facebook page for opportunities open to the public. 

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, have fun, and help the park be the best it can be!

Photo: Volunteers geared up for the bi-annual clean-up of HWY46. The Friends of McCormick’s Creek State Park sponsors the stretch of road in front of the State Park through INDOT.

I believe in the mission of the Friends, and know that together we can truly help our park with special projects, volunteer work, and raising funds to provide that "extra" touch that makes McCormick's Creek so special. Especially with the upcoming tornado damage recovery, I know we will all step up and help. It feels good to give back to a park that has been there for all of us for over 100 years! 

-Vicki Basman

My family has camped at McCormick’s Creek for many years.  We love being Friends to help improve the park, and joined to honor Barbara Filtri, a wonderful former naturalist.  I only wish I lived closer to help with more activities!!

-Traci Rowlett